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Part of the Johnny Braaivo mission is to promote and support local suppliers and businesses to ensure the sustainability of South African Braai culture. The following local businesses are supporting the Hangrib Challenge. Please visit their Websites and follow their Instagram feeds, and remember to watch the Johnny Braaivo Instagram channel for Spot Prizes and Discount Codes over the course of the Hangrib Challenge.

Firesmiths Food & Flame Enthusiasts are leading the charge in the South African Smoking revolution.

Firesmiths are our headline sponsor and are giving away a Hero Smoker & Grill to the winning Braaimaster of the #hangribchallenge. This is the perfect tool for the Braaimaster who wants to master Hangrib-style! They have also generously provided Serbian Cleavers and Smoking Chunks & Shavings.

Firefly Biofuel produces the mighty Firespark - an organic, eco-friendly firestarter that is made from used coffee.  We can't get more sustainable than this!

Firefly has provided boxes and boxes of Firespark Juniors as well as some beautiful cutting boards and aprons for our prizes and giveaways.

Zuney Wagyu hails from the Zuney Valley in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and produces some of the most delicious Wagyu beef in the country.

They have perfected overnight delivery all over the country and have sponsored a Wagyu Gift Box as well as tongs and a cutting board, plus additional Wagyu for Spot Prizes.

Rumour has it that their Wagyu Short-rib is perfect for the #hangribchallenge! 

CueTheBBQ supplies premium restaurant-grade charcoal & briquettes that are made from sustainable sources here in South Africa.

Easy to light, dense, and long-burning this charcoal is perfect for all types of braaing including the low and slow needed to perfect your #hangribchallenge entries. CueTheBBQ are generously supplying a range of their product as prizes.

Into The Woods are one of the pioneers within South Africa's smoking revolution and are providing some of the insanely delicious BBQ rubs to our line-up of prizes and giveaway items.

Two of our favourites: the Apple Pie BBQ Rub, and the Got Bark Rub are sure to spice up your Pork Ribs in the #hangribchallenge!

Bezwill Brewery is from the Western Cape and they brew the beers they want to drink, and because of that quality comes first.

With that ethos, we cant go wrong, and these are also beers that Johnny Braaivo wants to drink, in front of the fire, watching the Tomahawk slowly turn as part of the #hangribchallenge!

Bezwill Brewery is providing a range of their best beers as prizes!

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